Head Gardener

Hi, I’m Helen Goodbarton, and I have planted Sprouts here in Nottingham. I wholly believe in the importance of drama and role play in a child’s social and educational development. It is becoming increasingly apparent that drama is a very viable method to teach children life-long skills such as self-confidence, focus, respect and awareness of others, and teamwork skills. From being able to inspire where traditional teaching methods may not always work, to allowing children to experience situations that are out of their ordinary every-day lives in a safe manner, and so learning about other people, and other ways of thinking, we can help young children sprout into positive and thoughtful individuals with the confidence to be their own person in life

I have been involved in drama since I moved to Nottingham as a young teenager and became a part of Nottingham Education Theatre Company (Now Nottingham Youth Theatre). I trained as an actor at the Guildford School of Acting. Since graduating in 2002 I have been working in the realm of children’s theatre and entertainment, and for a leading young children’s drama company based in London before moving back to Nottingham to begin this venture.

Assistant Gardeners

Sprouts leaders all have a passion for drama in some way or another, be it their job or their pastime.
They have been chosen for their experience and ideas they can bring to the company, their interest in drama and working with children, and also importantly their character.
A Sprouts leader always has the essential qualities of fun and enthusiasm, and is engaging in their teaching at all times. They will always have a friendly, open and youthful demeanour that will allow the children to relate to them easily.
Each class will always have at least two leaders, all of whom are DBS checked and at least one of whom is First Aid trained for babies and small children.
Any new Sprouts leader will go through a training program with a senior to learn our ideals and standards, and also have a chance to observe a class in action.
Sprouts leaders will be appraised on a regular basis to ensure standards are kept to our high expectations.
If you are interested in joining our Sprouts team, email over your CV and a little bit about yourself to

Regular Staff

 Helen G:  College Street (Saturdays)

Hi, I’m Helen G! I am a nutty Nottinghamshire born Sprouts leader. I trained as an actress at The Bridge Training Theatre Company in London, and I’m currently working in the Beeston and College Street venues. I am proud to be a Sprouts leader and enjoy working with young people and their amazingly creative imaginations.


Laura: Sherwood, Wollaton and College Street 11+

Hi, I’m Laura, and a proud Sprouts leader in Sherwood, Wollaton and College Street. I’ve been ‘Sprouting’ since September 2008, and really enjoy watching the little seedlings grow and blossom before my eyes! I also like to keep up my skills as an actress where I can. I especially love acting in the theatre. In my own ‘budding’ days, I worked on children’s TV and recently was part of a short film by Nottingham director Simon Ellis, with fellow Sprouts leader, Tim Evans.


Roxana: Sherwood, Beeston Wednesdays, West Bridgford and Gedling

I am Roxana and in February 2014, I joined the lovely Sprouts garden. I trained as an actor at National University of Drama and Cinematography Bucharest and extended my studies in Performing Arts at Kent University in Canterbury. I speak three foreign languages and my experience includes stage theatre and film productions as well as radio broadcasting and international drama workshops for children and young people. Working with children can be challenging sometimes but is incredibly rewarding.


Emily: Lady Bay, Radcliffe, Beeston Fridays and Beeston 11+

Hi I’m Emily, I studied at the University of Lincoln BA Drama, and have been all over Europe performing and Directing. I love drama and cats. I’ve been Sprouting since 2014 and it’s such a rewarding and fun experience. I’m also Head of Drama at the Majestic Theatre School in Retford and Lincoln, and run my own school Starlight Theatre Academy in Newark. I love watching children grow and improve their confidence through drama. I am very lucky to have such a fun and rewarding job :)


 Emma: Wollaton, Seely

Hi! Joining Sprouts was probably my best achievement and I’ve been here since 2015! I have a huge passion for theatre, and graduated from University of Derby in Broadcast Media and Theatre Arts. I love working with the
‘Sprouts’ and seeing them gain more confidence over the term, using their creative imaginations during the drama games, and getting involved in the adventures! (and the leaders also get chance to play silly characters!) Working with young people can be
challenging at times, but we still have lots of fun!



Simon- Lady Bay, Beeston Wednesdays 

Hi I’m Simon, I’ve not been at Sprouts long but I’m already loving it. I was a member of Nottingham Youth Theatre for 9 years before becoming a leader there last year, during my time at NYT I have written two family musicals ‘The Uncredibles’ and ‘Mad Man: Derby Road’. I’m currently working on a Space musical for September 2017. I’ve been writing scripts for a couple of years, and have recently been shortlisted for a Young Creatives Award. I find Sprouts’ classes incredibly fun and rewarding and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do!


James – Radcliffe, Gedling

I’m currently a member of The Television Workshop in Nottingham. I’ve been acting since the age of 5 and have taken part in various films, short films, adverts, and theatre productions. I believe that acting can be a great way for young kids to improve their confidence and is a great outlet for them to get creative and more importantly have fun!



Abi- Toton

Hi, I’m Abi. I’ve only just started Sprouting and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m originally from Lincoln where I studied Performing Arts and Production Arts at The Priory Witham Academy. Whilst studying here I took part in many performances, including the annual pantomime. I am currently studying Contemporary Theatre and Performance at The University of Derby. I’ve always enjoyed playing games and sharing my theatre knowledge with my younger siblings and I’m glad that I’ve found Sprouts where I can do the same with the class. Although I’ve not been sprouting long, I can already tell I’m going to have lots of fun!



Adam, Beeston Wednesdays and Fridays

I have recently joined Sprouts, but I been involved with performing for many years, and have built up a wealth of experience in acting, singing and directing. I’ve been performed in a variety of productions over 14 years. When not on the stage, I enjoy working as an extra on TV programmes such as Doctors, Father Brown and The Game, as well as working with Absolutely Amazing Parties, performing as various characters at children’s parties to make their special day truly memorable. Since starting working at Sprouts, I can safely say that I don’t see it as work, as we have too much fun at our sessions!

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