Sprouting Up 8-11yrs

If your child is older, they can join our Sprouting Up sessions for 8-11 year olds. Still working with the same theme as our Sprouts, we take the creative processes a step further. Exploring ideas around the theme and learning more about creating character and improvisation, it is up to the children to create their own story as well as choreograph their own dance, and learn a challenging song ready for a mini end-of-term showing.

Venue days/times:


  • Wednesdays - The Pearson Centre, Nuart Road: 5-6pm
  • Fridays - The Pearson Centre, Nuart Road: 6-7pm.


  • Fridays - Gedling Memorial Hall, Main Road: 5-6pm


  • Mondays - All Hallow’s Church Hall, Pierrepoint Road, Lady Bay: 5-6pm


  • Thursdays - St Mary’s Church Hall, Main Road: 5-6pm


  • Mondays - Sherwood Community Centre, Mansfield Road: 6-7pm


Wednesdays – Greenwood Community Centre, Chester Green (off Banks Road): 5 – 6pm


  • Tuesdays - St Leonard’s Community Centre, Bramcote Lane: 6-7pm


Contact us to find out more or to book a taster session.

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